Thursday, April 22, 2010

happily stuck in Milan....

i believe everyone knows about the volcano-airlines crisis
which happen to Milan airport on the 2nd day during my stay in Milan
i belongs to the last set of crews who stuck in Milan
which non of us know exactly when the airport will be re-open
so what we can do is just to stay until we being updated by the company
i'm glad that we had great accompany for this trip
where we did a little of sightsee to Lake Como
which is about an hour train away from Milan
and thanks God for the nice weather
here is the group of us
and actually a few of them are from another set of crew
lol,.....cabin crew get together in Milan
sounds good though =)


gummy bear

and delicious cappucino

yum yum!!
had dinner at this restaurant which provide us free candy
delicious food and good service
and happen to have good atmosphere on the night we had our dinner
which is on the night of football game showing live on tv
great accompany, good food, with atmosphere
what's better than that while you were stuck in somewhere away from home
compare to people who stuck in the airport
what else to complain??
which company provide us hotel with comfortable bed
although we are having pasta or pizza all days
but its really the best time given to us to relax
do a little of sightsee or even shopping
because we know it better than others
how often do we get such a long stay over in Milan
and most importantly with great accompany
really had fun with them and great experience ever.....

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