Monday, May 31, 2010

The Neuschwanstein Castle

10 persons with 2 cars
how much fun we had with the gang
great place great accompany
even with a bad weather
all this worth the pay
take a look at our car and 2 cool drivers

not a joke
it is BMW & Merc
which we only pay 75euro for BMW
and 115euro for Merc
build in GPS to guide us along the way
which is about 2 hours drive from Munich to the castle
here we go the Neuschwanstein Castle
what float into ur mind when u see a castle
Cinderella?? Sleeping beauty??
yes, all about fairy tale love stories
but what float into my mind was
the Love Story of Taylor Swift
how i wish my prince standing up there singing me a song
zzzzzzzzzzz...........back to

what we need to do when we arrived
is to park your car at the car park
buy a ticket for the bus ride up to the castle
which cost about 3 euro both ways
and 8 euro for the tour guide in the castle
need not to rush what to get in the sourvenior shop while waiting
there are a few of them in the castle
where you get to buy different types of sourveniors
like poster, fridge magnet, calender and stuffs....

tell me about it
how high it is
The MarienBrucke

view from Neuschwanstein
now you know how high is it

finally we have reach the castle
and most of the road are slopes
and it was raining all day long
how heavy is our steps to walk up
but i had lots of fun though
not afraid of getting sick
although is cold and wet weather
all we care is just taking photos and have fun

the rain was getting heavier while we waiting for the bus
everyone is so cold and wet
but still we never give up taking photos
never ever waste a single minute to capture our joy
if you wish to have fun like us
rent a car to drive there by urself
instead of take a tour
which will be more rush compare to free & easy like us
believe me,....u will never regret
travel to see and feel it by ur own once at least

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