Saturday, August 13, 2011

warmth i felt tonight

as a crew
we are meeting numbers of people day in day out
be it our colleagues or passengers
there are always people with different characters
there are people with higher expectations
also people who is stochasticity
we learnt to speak differently
we learnt to perform differently
everyday can be a different lesson to us
it could be interesting
it can be challenging
but of course these are all learning progress in life
and i actually realise i grown up faster
i have met people who taught me lots
most importantly people who is now my friends
even closer friends who listen to me
it can be difficult as we are not living with our love ones
as friend is needed most time
which i would say i am lucky in this
i have met numbers of friends
who helps and support as we are alone in SG
how glad i was
meeting another stranger who actually offered to help
warmth that i felt in this big family
learnt to be more understanding as a person
learnt to appreciate in life
as there are nice people around
telling myself that i am not alone