Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A330 covered

came back from leave and back to reality
thanks God that im not back to work straight after
rostered for Airbus 330 conversion training
i'm on ground still
so i have got a few days to pick up my mood to work...hehe
it wasn't too bad
at least gonna cover a few more stations
like Perth where my cousin, relative and friend were there
Taipei which i have been waiting since i start flying
and Japan flights although you might just got it once in a millions
although knowing that it's gonna be very tiring
if keep on doing 330 flights
because there is only a day off in between
but think it wisely
i have got nothing much to do as well
ma as well work more to earn money
isn't it i have got a new plan to work harder
instead of going home every month??
okay, gonna see me more often to be in SG in future
great to made friends with 2 girls who stay nearby my place in SG
gonna have more accompany to have meals or watch movies nearby
i believe we have something similar in us
and we have common topics which brought us together
anyway will keep in touch with you girls
and gonna meet up in a few days time??
hehe,...have fun and good luck on your 1st solo....=)

Friday, July 16, 2010

the Peak - HK

continue my journey to the Peak
depart from Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty station
meet up with 2 other Indonesian girls
and 1 local guy who gonna be our tour guide tonight

bought a two way ticket for the tram ride to the top
which is about 56 HK dollar
the ride will be about 10 minutes
everybody just run like a red bull fighting for a seat
it was

we are just about the correct time to reach there
at least we get to see the difference between day and night view

the colours after sun set

look at the crowd
there is no way we can squeeze in
all i can do is just stand somewhere at the back
raise my hand up high to take picture
poor me specially im so short...=(

from left: Devi, me, Dita & Alex

honestly i can't tell if there is any different between the picture
just think is nice to share...hehe
hope you guys like it too =)

this is our tour guide - Phillip
they call him a force Hongky
because he has been leaving HK to melbourne
which he studied and work overthere for quite some time
do not blame him because i'm about the same as his situation

they are energetic after having their

suppose taking tram to go back
look at the queue and this is only half of it i guess
so we decided to burn our ticket and take a bus
so that we can reach the jetty straight
because we wanted to experience the ferry ride

that's the end of my tour
and the end for the stay
i believe this is all we basically do in HK

Dim Sum, congee, beancurt, dessert & shopping
gonna miss all of these
specially for a flight with lots of nice colleagues
which i don't know when is my next trip here again
not sure who i'm gonna travel with
but i just love Hong Kong
where im familiar with their language
love their food and mainly on shopping
hope to be back very soon =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

lovely Hong Kong

Hong Kong welcome me on the check in day 13th july
just for a night stop and will be heading to San Francisco
met up for supper at crew joint
head back for rest and had Dim Sum the next day
how could we miss the dessert??
must have after breakfast
tapao egg tart and polo bun for before check out

too bad that i did not take any photo in San Fran
all i do is just shopping...hehe
sounds like i bought lot of stuff
but i didn't
only get myself a blouse and a pair of shoe
oh ya,...and  a puma bag
anyway gonna shop more in Hong Kong later
isn't that my shopping paradise??
yes it is,...and it's cheaper i believe
a 12 hours flight to Hong Kong
had 1 and a half hour of rest
promise to meet up with my batch girl

from the left: Beevi, me & Baizura
its been half a year since our last meet up during JC99
anyway it was a very wrong attire for this hot weather
accompany them for lunch and short walk around
back to hotel meet up my set of crew at 2pm
joining them for lunch and must have beancurt 

very yummy "tau fu fa" (bean curt)
we are now all fully charge
is time to shop
i follow the group to Mong Kok
got myself a cardigan which im looking for =)
it was very crowded because is a Sunday

we spend about 2 to 3 hours to browse in Mong Kok plaza
at least we all get ourselves 1 item
because it was to crowded for us to squeeze into a small shop
in a way we are afraid of the crowd
so we dindn't really get to shop much here
decided to head back to hotel
which we gonna meet the rest for dessert
realise we are a bit hungry while having dessert
so we turn back to main course after dessert
it might sounds a bit wrong
yes the sequence is totally wrong
but we don't care
we are just
it was fun where we talk nonsense all time
the best thing we have done for the day was watching FIFA
final match Spain vs. Holland

Spain won the match 1-0
the champion of world cup 2010
by the time we finish the match
its already 5something in the morning
its time to get some rest before we meet up for breakfast
10.30am meet up for congee at crew joint
which my senior crew craving for
he said he couldnt sleep well if he miss it
since it's the last day in Hong Kong
so is a must have before heading back to SG
we all split after the early lunch
most of us continue to shop around the hotel
which is at Tsim Sha Tsui area
finally i got something for myself after so many days
heading for dessert again after we walk for quite a while
in this super hot weather

my buddy tru out the whole flight - Haley

and the organiser for all the meet up all time - Alex
really appreciate their accompany for the whole week

"gei dan zai"
which i like most out of other snacks from HK
Haley and i spent the last chance to walk around at Harbour City
most of it are the branded shops
we just browsing around
see what other stuff i could get for our family

end up Haley got a blouse for her auntie
and that's all for me
i will be heading to the Peak at night later
and Haley gonna be back for rest
gonna see her and the rest during check out
gonna miss all of them and everything we done for last 8 days =)

Friday, July 09, 2010

roster out for Aug

yeay!! roster for August is out
efficient this month
erm,...roster not too bad....
nothing to complain
but pray for standby call up will not disrupt my long flight
because having all standby just before my long flight
rostered for London
wish that get to meet up with some friends in UK
is been a while since i last seeing them
so wish the call up will not disrupt my plan
any plan to go home during day off??
might think of volunteer for flight to earn extra money
which i think would be better huh??...
ehhe.....wosh me luck for safe and smooth flight
happy flying to all =)