Friday, April 15, 2011

1st solo Narita

i remember the first time i roster a Narita flight
and i change it away
everyone ask why would i to change away
is a Japan flight
which everyone love it
is a easy flight to do
less demand and less request
Japanese pax is always so polite and so nice
they are always smiling and appreciative
but my only concern is the hotel
which i heard too much of it
the haunted part of it
which i refuse to lay over if i have a choice
but the flight been changes a lot since the incident
of coz from lay over to turn around
from turn around to shuttle
different different patterns has been made for the safety
but we are now back in lay over
which i got call up for the flight few days ago
which i couldn't run anymore
but of coz my first concern this time is my safety
i never call home to let my mum know
because i wouldn't want her to worry 
so i pray hard for a safe and smooth flight
indeed it was safe and sound
it was a lovely flight too
nice set of crew and new made friends
brought me for nice Unagi rice
visit to the temple with beautiful sakura
and crazy shopping at AEON mall
let's check out more from the photos

Unagi time @ the village

the Shinshoji Temple

the must do thing at the temple
"wash hand"

make a wish

sakura time
the shadow of us

say goodbye to sakura

 what happened at the end of the day
shopping for 2 crazy girls