Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it was a light load back to SG from London
yet still so many things happened
a PPS passenger complain saying that we rushing her to eat
in fact we just doing our part checking the cabin
to make sure if they are ready for their main course
i saw her food untouch, cutlery place nicely while doing something else
so i just check with her if she is ready for her main course
since im the one asking her
so im the one got scolded
she said we keep walking up and down made her feel indigestion
and saying that we actually wanted to get rid of the service to go for rest
i apologise sincerely
saying sorry to make her feel that way
and i saying she can take her time to enjoy
just call her whenever she is ready
yet she refuse to have her main course
so my chief went forward to talk to her
trying to explain to her that we are use to work as a full load basis
sorry to make her think this way
she was okay after that
but something happen again during the lull period
because the crew on duty MIA
she did not patrol the cabin while the gs is busy preparing for next service
another complain raise up
and said that we are the laziest crew she ever seen
said that we did not serve her the main course
sigh,....and she refuse to talk to us after that
i feel so sad about this happen on my flight
feel so bad that the passenger think this way
we can't do anything at all
because she was wearing the headphone watching movies
totally refuse to listen to us
here comes the complain to those who do not take responsible on it
just hope that she feel better after all
and pray hard that no complain raise up to the office
not because we are afraid to take over the responsible
just thinking that we do our best
we did our best to do what we could
there is nothing we can do if she think this way
just feel sad that we work fast yet still got scolded as we are lazy
totally exhauted,........silent.......

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sydney with LiTeng

yes,...this is what i said earlier
meeting a friend in Sydney
the benefit of flying

high tea catching up section at coffee club
LiTeng is having mocha
and there is the hot chocolate for me
(which doesn't taste like it)
a slice of New York baked cheesecake
and also

spinach and pumpkin lasagne
isn't this a special lasagne you ever see??
sorry if you are not
then i admit im really come from kampung
anyway this is real good
it taste like a pie
so i will call it a sweet lasagne

missing her huh??
ya,....she just went Sydney for a month
and im actually her very first visitor
and i can understand her feeling
where she miss her family, her dearest and friends
so we spent 1 hour to catch up
and joining her friends for dinner at The Rock
somewhere opposite Opera house
there were saying the pork nuckle is good

this is actually a portion for 2
they gonna share it
which we think it can actually share for 3 or 4
it's really very big portion
we almost gonna order it
but luckily we didn't
because we are not that hungry
yet i dun really eat the pork's foot
so we ordered a calamari instead

this is good too
taste fresh
and serving with my favourite rocket leaf

what is a must to do when we catch up??
of coz a photo of us la,....lol
she said her smile looks evil
and i look so tire
which i did not sleep for
MORE than 24 hours!! OMG!!

there is always a goodbye after all
how sad it is
we have to say bye so often
even when we back in hometown
but at least i get to visit a friend outstation
whenever im there
and she has a visitor when she miss us
im gonna be the representative for the rest of the girls
friends since secondary school
10 years of friendship
talking about what's in the next 10 years
we all gonna be back to where we are
and we will never split
missing you so much sweety
be strong and believe you can do it
and you will do it one day
we were they
we are here
and we will be there
all along together
take care =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

month of friends visit

i got no complains at all for the roster of this month
although i don't have any better long flight
nor any Europe station neither states flight
but this is a month which allow me to visit my friends
isn't this the joy of flying??
where you get to visit friends or relative wherever they are
first unexpected was a standby call up to Perth
met up with darling Sin Ling
sobz sobz,....remember to catch up
but forgot to take photo
what a waste
i have done my Perth
and heading to Sydney right after
will be meeting my sweety Li Teng
i swear im gonna take lots of picture this trip
and what's next??
London end of the month
gonna meet Samantha and Michelle
i know Michelle has been waiting for years
anyway the day is coming
gonna take lots of picture with you girls
stay tune!!

mistake i made

sucks feeling ever
something gone wrong to me
it was a K seat and i serve it to the G seat
my mind is totally switch off
but luckily that we have a standard veg for the pax
she got the tray and the main course
but what about the salad??
oh gosh!!
what the hell am i doing??
i made my leading to work extra
sigh,...i feel so bad
especially when the crew kept asking me
and guess what??
im on check
sigh,....i deserve it....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

short flight yet stressful

giving away my day off for a Jakarta turn
while preparing my paper work for flight
preparing the crew name list
find out that im gonna work with all senior crew
it doesn't matter to me at first
when i report for flight
started to feel being left out
nobody bother to talk to me
nobody bother to look at me
it is fine with me since im have no voice to talk
so i was thinking i can save my voice to serve passengers
we walk all the way to the gate
i was alone
we start preparing the aircraft on ground
i finish my job and offer to help
they don't even allow me to help
so i just do whatever i could
instead of getting complain saying i did not help
since it's just a short flight
i just wish everything to get over
just feel stress while i work with them
got the feeling that
everybody is talking about me behind my back
sigh,...such a stressful flight
dare not to eat, dare not to drink
not even dare to talk much
just keep looking for something to do
instead of staying in this awkward environment
anyway finally it is over
it was like a nightmare to me
a person who step into the wrong circle
and im out now,....ever

Saturday, August 07, 2010

flight to Dubai

it doesn't matter with a flight which is totally full load
but it's a disaster when full load with all big bags
seriously thinking that groud staff did not do their job
they suppose needed to check the bags which passengers carry on board
although we have the right of stopping passengers do not board with it
but instead of we keep checking on the bags while busy doing boarding
follow by any other tasks coming up next
it was a night flight to Dubai yesterday
imagine by the time when everybody is going to be on bed
while we have to be so energetic working on board
while helping paseenegers to thier seat
helping parents who bring along kids
and passengers asking you to stow all their bags
which is so exhausted not even when the aircraft is departing
and we haven even started all other services after take off
without any helps
i'm alone running up and down looking for space
with all the eyes looking at you without any gentleman offer to help
even that is their bag
and all we gain was body aching
which bring up to injuries day by day
this is totally not worth it all
seriously hope that the ground staff can be responsible on their job
while we are doing our best on our job as well
we all have our parts to do if we choose to have our job
let's do it all together
we are suppose to be coorperate
we are in a team which represent not just the company but the country
although i'm not Singaporean
but still we are representing as a crew
where people will look at us before they step into the country
hope everyone have a pleasant flight
let's take care of ourselves

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

standby call up

what a lucky day for me
it is my standby day tomorrow
i was saying that i always feel nervous on standby
because im so scare that if they call me last minute
you know??...just because someone report sick last minute
and we are the standby crew who saty so near to the airport
but then,...the luck falls on me today
i just check on web
which they roster me a KL turn after i came back for lunch
what a surprise
the best call up i ever get
hooray!!....wish me safe flight ahead....

Monday, August 02, 2010

miss 'em

while im having these gummy bear
thinking back of my trip to Milan
during the volcanic ash period
we all being stuck in Milan
unwilling to stay at the moment knowing that got stucked
until we wish to spend more time together the last day
from a 6 days flight to 11 days
for all the moments we have been together
dining, drinking, shopping, sight-seeing...
having tons of fun together
for these 11 days which i will never forget
which i miss them so much right now

1st solo to Nagoya

1st solo flight for Airbus 330 to Nagoya
its been a year since i last been to Japan
which is to Osaka during my probation period
kind of nervous because i just came back from my leave
which i have not fly for 2 weeks
together with 3 days training on ground
thanks God that all nice crew guide me along on this flight
and i still remember my work,....haha
it was a 6 hours 25 minutes flight to Nagoya
and it was a night flight so it's kind of easy flight
yet we decided to nap before meeting up for lunch

not sure if you always heard that the roon in Japan is small
but i would say this is standard for me
compare to the roon i stayed in Osaka

let's look out from the window

can you see the 24H thingy on the right??
this building is actually where they park their car
isn't it interesting??
save the space
maybe SG can get something like this...hehe

that's what i can see from my room
let's take a nap so that to explore more later
had lunch at this machine thingy restaurant
kind of like fast food stall feel
put in the money
choose what you wanna eat
get the ticket and pass it to the staff
just a few minutes waiting for the food
cheap and nice
sorry that no photo to be shown
and it's our shopping time after lunch
went to 100 yen shop
bought lots of rubbish
and went to this boutique for discounted items
cheapskate me,...lol

get these two dress for myself
which cost me 2100 yen each
is actually sales item on sales again
really hardly see prices for fashion like this in Japan
anyway i like it =)

have been hearing a lot of girls try on collagen drinks
i have seen this Meiji brand in magazine
so decided to try on
hope it helps me to get better skin..hehe
the can and refill packet
794 yen each

and tapao Mos rice burger for dinner
yummy ~

look out from the window again
before i close my eyes to sleep
and to leave this place the next morning
thanks crew who bring me for the day
hope to see this place again soon ;-)