Friday, August 20, 2010

month of friends visit

i got no complains at all for the roster of this month
although i don't have any better long flight
nor any Europe station neither states flight
but this is a month which allow me to visit my friends
isn't this the joy of flying??
where you get to visit friends or relative wherever they are
first unexpected was a standby call up to Perth
met up with darling Sin Ling
sobz sobz,....remember to catch up
but forgot to take photo
what a waste
i have done my Perth
and heading to Sydney right after
will be meeting my sweety Li Teng
i swear im gonna take lots of picture this trip
and what's next??
London end of the month
gonna meet Samantha and Michelle
i know Michelle has been waiting for years
anyway the day is coming
gonna take lots of picture with you girls
stay tune!!

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