Monday, August 23, 2010

Sydney with LiTeng

yes,...this is what i said earlier
meeting a friend in Sydney
the benefit of flying

high tea catching up section at coffee club
LiTeng is having mocha
and there is the hot chocolate for me
(which doesn't taste like it)
a slice of New York baked cheesecake
and also

spinach and pumpkin lasagne
isn't this a special lasagne you ever see??
sorry if you are not
then i admit im really come from kampung
anyway this is real good
it taste like a pie
so i will call it a sweet lasagne

missing her huh??
ya,....she just went Sydney for a month
and im actually her very first visitor
and i can understand her feeling
where she miss her family, her dearest and friends
so we spent 1 hour to catch up
and joining her friends for dinner at The Rock
somewhere opposite Opera house
there were saying the pork nuckle is good

this is actually a portion for 2
they gonna share it
which we think it can actually share for 3 or 4
it's really very big portion
we almost gonna order it
but luckily we didn't
because we are not that hungry
yet i dun really eat the pork's foot
so we ordered a calamari instead

this is good too
taste fresh
and serving with my favourite rocket leaf

what is a must to do when we catch up??
of coz a photo of us la,
she said her smile looks evil
and i look so tire
which i did not sleep for
MORE than 24 hours!! OMG!!

there is always a goodbye after all
how sad it is
we have to say bye so often
even when we back in hometown
but at least i get to visit a friend outstation
whenever im there
and she has a visitor when she miss us
im gonna be the representative for the rest of the girls
friends since secondary school
10 years of friendship
talking about what's in the next 10 years
we all gonna be back to where we are
and we will never split
missing you so much sweety
be strong and believe you can do it
and you will do it one day
we were they
we are here
and we will be there
all along together
take care =)

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