Saturday, August 07, 2010

flight to Dubai

it doesn't matter with a flight which is totally full load
but it's a disaster when full load with all big bags
seriously thinking that groud staff did not do their job
they suppose needed to check the bags which passengers carry on board
although we have the right of stopping passengers do not board with it
but instead of we keep checking on the bags while busy doing boarding
follow by any other tasks coming up next
it was a night flight to Dubai yesterday
imagine by the time when everybody is going to be on bed
while we have to be so energetic working on board
while helping paseenegers to thier seat
helping parents who bring along kids
and passengers asking you to stow all their bags
which is so exhausted not even when the aircraft is departing
and we haven even started all other services after take off
without any helps
i'm alone running up and down looking for space
with all the eyes looking at you without any gentleman offer to help
even that is their bag
and all we gain was body aching
which bring up to injuries day by day
this is totally not worth it all
seriously hope that the ground staff can be responsible on their job
while we are doing our best on our job as well
we all have our parts to do if we choose to have our job
let's do it all together
we are suppose to be coorperate
we are in a team which represent not just the company but the country
although i'm not Singaporean
but still we are representing as a crew
where people will look at us before they step into the country
hope everyone have a pleasant flight
let's take care of ourselves

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