Sunday, December 26, 2010

love december

special month of the year
always get a better treatment from company
got all long flights in 2009
what i have got this year
is b'day off without request for it
back in town on x'mas eve morning
off on x'mas day and boxing day
follow by change of flight been approved
which i get to celebrate New Year with friends in London
earn numbers of day off most importantly
for me to spend my holiday in town
with friends who visit SG on this festive month
meeting my sister before step into 2011
although i have lost some allowances
due to the shortage of Airbus 380
but why not when we have more times to rest
after i have been working so hard all these while
we need a break like others sometime
miss people who visit me in SG
miss my friends who are flying on this festive days
where we can't celebrate together
but i have received the hearts that you all sent me
it's gonna be the same for coming New Year
catch up soon for those who i met this year
and looking forward to make more friends in 2011
this should be the last post in 2010
have a great one everyone
hope that you all did enjoy your holidays
wish you all belated Merry Christmas
happy boxing day (30mins left!!)
Happy New Year which is coming soon
see you guys in 2011 ~~ ^.^

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sweet Auckland

trust me it was not an easy flight to Auckland
it was a day flight
and it was super duper tiring
crew will usually get jetlag doing NZ flight
which we are so not use to the time zone ahead SG
and NZ is 5 hours ahead 
yet everybody were so tire
and slept all the way til the other day
on the clear day itself
most of us went for a little shopping
mainly on food for the next day before check out
we arrange a dinner together on that day
the whole set of crew present
choose to have dinner at Angus steak house

this is what i had
the sirloin medium rare
it is really big portion for us
most of us couldn't finish it
but we tried and did our best :)
a little surprise after the meal
the crew in charge bought all of us a x'mas gift
so sweet of him

 it wasn't the end
suddenly the waitress brought up a slice of mousse cake
it was a belated b'day celebration by them
and a rose as a present when someone selling randomly

i guess i almost tears
which i never expect a belated celebration
and it is my first time ever receiving a flower
is really a memorable one
how sweet of people who i just met
this is the warmth from this job
there are nice people around most time
the hard work on the 1st sector worth it all
this is what we mean
work hard in life
in terms to enjoy life
had dinner, had dessert
done with all the celebrations
decide to have a coffee section at Starbucks

my all time favourite
the green tea frap
spent the night chit chatting
sharing and laughing
it was a great stay in Auckland ever
which is mostly a boring stay usually
2nd day did a bit of shopping
which we always do
buying honey and health supplements
there comes the end of the stay
ended with a night flight back in SG
thanks everyone for the flight
it was time to rest

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bonjour ~ part II

what if when you get to hear about a place so many times
but you never get to see it
is like Paris which i never get to smell the air for once
finally i got the chance to be there
but is really bad that it is now winter
which the weather could be so cold and so wet
so i don't manage to go for any sightseeing
but good enough that i have great accompany
which we walk around and visit the x'mas fair
it was a snowy day by the time we meeting for lunch
they brought me to the Vietnamese joint where crew go often

no doubt, was snowing outside

had spring roll as starter

this is tomato fried rice

this is my salted fish chic fried rice
no regrets
the food is yummy and reasonable price
this is where crew always hang around

saw this when we went for groceries shopping

some desserts

and the bakeries

is time to go somewhere further

finally here we are
the famous macarons in town
tea time for the gals

can't wait to taste it....slurp!!

some gift packs with other desserts 
everything looks good
and look at the queue
superrrrrr loooong!!

snap while waiting

i like the design of the restaurant

my purchase of macarons
it cost me 17 euro for 8 in a nice packaging

things that we ordered

time for exercise after the xin fu
walking down the street
heading to the x'mas fair

 with the girls

there our funs begin

so many of them
what should i get??

i had the marshmallow

it was so cold until we can't stand it
our hands are numb
our ears are painful
so that we get a new muffler
it was so soon to get to the end of the trip
while we just started to enjoy it
how nice it was when we have "kaki" for the flight
a busy day flight flying back to SG
it was a great 1st trip to Paris
although not much sightsee we have done
yet we like it ~~

1st day in paris

have been thinking what to do in Paris
and this is my first Paris ever
it was freezing cold
some of us have decide to meet after few hours rest
which we meet for a late lunch
walking out from the hotel
looking for the restaurant a crew have mentioned
guess what??
we overshot and we can't find it
so we turned back and look for other restaurant
which we think it looks good
saw this interesting name - Indiana
just checking out the menu before we enter
okay!! we have the conclusion

the starter
~nacho with avocado
~fried calamari

time for main course
bbq pork rib

chilli corn carne

fried chicken

we enjoyed chatting over the table
have fun talking with new "kaki"
how difficult to get "kaki" on a flight
specially when on your 1st trip to a new place
glad that i have them to bring me out

we enjoy the food
have fun playing with the Carol's new camera
let's see how crazy we are



that's me!!

non-stop playing with it and laughing out loud

glad to see her again after soooo long
first time was my first time to Melbourne
she is my tour
i guess we have enough
paiseh to let the guy keep waiting

on the way back to hotel
cold ~~
gonna have the 2nd day with the girls too
check out what we did next!!
more photos to be uploaded ;)

Friday, December 03, 2010

bloody cold Beijing

suppose doing Melbourne
got taken off from flight because changing of aircraft
put on standby and call up for Beijing
was thinking maybe can shop for cheap stuffs
but it was so cold which is out of my expectation
and you will never know this could happen
we spent an hour outdoor which is 0 degree
just to look for a restaurant
the taxi drivers are irresponsible
and the people never willing to help at all
even if we just asking for the directions
we tried 3 cab and they brought us even further
stop us anywhere when they are not sure about the direction
aren't they suppose to tell us if they do not know
so that we can take another cab??
you mean a taxi driver don't even know the directions??
OMG!! we were there browsing
walking up and down
running in and out
asking people who walk pass us
but none of them know about this place at all
not even the hotel nearby
neither the train station next to the restaurant??
so these people just walking down the street with no aims??
it was so cold out there
0 degree with the stupid wind blow
until we stop the 4th driver who finally willing to ask for us
he called to the number we have
and ask for the location
and we finally get there after an hour??
can you believe it?? 

okay...time to forget about that incident
we are starving
it's really time to heal our cold and stomach
let's see what we have
in such a cold weather
nothing could be better than a steamboat
but sorry if you do not eat lamb and beef
the meat is very fresh 
and it doesn't have the fishy taste of lamb
it's really another well recommended food to eat
other than just Beijing roast duck

** restaurant : xiao fei yang (小肥羊)
location : they have quite a numbers
maybe best for you to check which is nearer to you
and make sure the taxi driver could bring you there
check out the link below