Friday, December 03, 2010

bloody cold Beijing

suppose doing Melbourne
got taken off from flight because changing of aircraft
put on standby and call up for Beijing
was thinking maybe can shop for cheap stuffs
but it was so cold which is out of my expectation
and you will never know this could happen
we spent an hour outdoor which is 0 degree
just to look for a restaurant
the taxi drivers are irresponsible
and the people never willing to help at all
even if we just asking for the directions
we tried 3 cab and they brought us even further
stop us anywhere when they are not sure about the direction
aren't they suppose to tell us if they do not know
so that we can take another cab??
you mean a taxi driver don't even know the directions??
OMG!! we were there browsing
walking up and down
running in and out
asking people who walk pass us
but none of them know about this place at all
not even the hotel nearby
neither the train station next to the restaurant??
so these people just walking down the street with no aims??
it was so cold out there
0 degree with the stupid wind blow
until we stop the 4th driver who finally willing to ask for us
he called to the number we have
and ask for the location
and we finally get there after an hour??
can you believe it?? 

okay...time to forget about that incident
we are starving
it's really time to heal our cold and stomach
let's see what we have
in such a cold weather
nothing could be better than a steamboat
but sorry if you do not eat lamb and beef
the meat is very fresh 
and it doesn't have the fishy taste of lamb
it's really another well recommended food to eat
other than just Beijing roast duck

** restaurant : xiao fei yang (小肥羊)
location : they have quite a numbers
maybe best for you to check which is nearer to you
and make sure the taxi driver could bring you there
check out the link below

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