Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sweet Auckland

trust me it was not an easy flight to Auckland
it was a day flight
and it was super duper tiring
crew will usually get jetlag doing NZ flight
which we are so not use to the time zone ahead SG
and NZ is 5 hours ahead 
yet everybody were so tire
and slept all the way til the other day
on the clear day itself
most of us went for a little shopping
mainly on food for the next day before check out
we arrange a dinner together on that day
the whole set of crew present
choose to have dinner at Angus steak house

this is what i had
the sirloin medium rare
it is really big portion for us
most of us couldn't finish it
but we tried and did our best :)
a little surprise after the meal
the crew in charge bought all of us a x'mas gift
so sweet of him

 it wasn't the end
suddenly the waitress brought up a slice of mousse cake
it was a belated b'day celebration by them
and a rose as a present when someone selling randomly

i guess i almost tears
which i never expect a belated celebration
and it is my first time ever receiving a flower
is really a memorable one
how sweet of people who i just met
this is the warmth from this job
there are nice people around most time
the hard work on the 1st sector worth it all
this is what we mean
work hard in life
in terms to enjoy life
had dinner, had dessert
done with all the celebrations
decide to have a coffee section at Starbucks

my all time favourite
the green tea frap
spent the night chit chatting
sharing and laughing
it was a great stay in Auckland ever
which is mostly a boring stay usually
2nd day did a bit of shopping
which we always do
buying honey and health supplements
there comes the end of the stay
ended with a night flight back in SG
thanks everyone for the flight
it was time to rest

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