Monday, December 13, 2010

1st day in paris

have been thinking what to do in Paris
and this is my first Paris ever
it was freezing cold
some of us have decide to meet after few hours rest
which we meet for a late lunch
walking out from the hotel
looking for the restaurant a crew have mentioned
guess what??
we overshot and we can't find it
so we turned back and look for other restaurant
which we think it looks good
saw this interesting name - Indiana
just checking out the menu before we enter
okay!! we have the conclusion

the starter
~nacho with avocado
~fried calamari

time for main course
bbq pork rib

chilli corn carne

fried chicken

we enjoyed chatting over the table
have fun talking with new "kaki"
how difficult to get "kaki" on a flight
specially when on your 1st trip to a new place
glad that i have them to bring me out

we enjoy the food
have fun playing with the Carol's new camera
let's see how crazy we are



that's me!!

non-stop playing with it and laughing out loud

glad to see her again after soooo long
first time was my first time to Melbourne
she is my tour
i guess we have enough
paiseh to let the guy keep waiting

on the way back to hotel
cold ~~
gonna have the 2nd day with the girls too
check out what we did next!!
more photos to be uploaded ;)

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