Monday, November 22, 2010

i have learned

 2 years with the company
coming 2 years of flying

i have learned speaking with strangers
i have learned passengers relationship
i have learned dealing with colleagues
i have learned the interest of dealing with human
i have learned to read people
i have learned to differentiate right and wrong
i have learned to protect myself
i have learned to listen while we learn

humans with different personalities
human from different countries
human with different cultures
human from different backgrounds
human with different interests
human from different age groups
human with different experiences

by meeting people around
day by day
flight by flight
how interesting of reading people
how to mix around with strangers
how to speak up with confidence
appreciate people who willing to share
appreciate people who willing to teach
appreciate people who look after me
so glad to make friends around
so glad to travel around
i would enjoy as much as i have the chance 
until the day i find another turn out of the track
look into the destiny
which is given to us
appreciate what GOD have gave us
as long we do our best 
enjoy what we are doing
left no regrets behind
HE will lead us all the way 
no matter wherever we go
it will always the bright side in life

** stay happy .. stay healthy **

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moscow extended

always be glad to see a long flight in the roster
specially the longest one
with the highest allowance
bought ticket to KL after seeing this 
wanted to a break since July
which i have not been home since then
neither to anywhere in Malaysia
it's really a pack schedule for the past few months
it would be too rush for me to be back
specially after all the 13-14 hours flight
decided to go KL for a bestties
since her bf left for studies in UK
and she seems pretty emo and lonely
but guess what??
which i never ever expected
the flight suppose coming back from Houston
which they found out a problem of the landing gear
so they turn back to Houston
which cause delay follow by flight cancel
sigh!! we were stuck in Moscow for another 2 nights
happy for the allowance coming in 
yet feel sad that my trip was disrupted
i booked a budget air ticket
so i have no way to claim or defer 
sigh!! our plan got cancel last minute
i could not attend bestties birthday
and could not meet them again
so will wait for another 3 months til CNY
which will be early FEB
we will wait then
and awaiting for the arrival of DEC
which a bestties's visit in SG for my birthday
and looking forward to those festive seasons
although i have no plans
neither be around with anybody
but isn't it something we looking forward??
at least something we can happy for
time flies!!
there comes the end of 2010