Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Male sep 2013

it's been years since the last post
a lot to pick up huh??
i hardly sightsee nowadays
because its getting more tiring when we grow
but sometimes touches my heart recently
which i would like to share
it was September 2013
back to my favorite island ~ Maldives

had a drink when we arrive as usual
a gentleman approached me and my LSS
his remaining bottle of Vodka
because they don't wish to waste it
so well...we ordered cranberry juice as mixer
and guys and girls who arrive later had ordered their own drinks too
while chit chatting or gossiping if you like to call it
we realise the 7 of us are all single
so then we name our group S-7
hahahha...hard to come by all nice people
2 Sgaporeans, 2 Mlsian, 1 Chinese, 1 Taiwanese and 1 HKee
that's the purpose of flying i suppose??
to meet people all around the world

woke up in the morning with beautiful view at the resort
and must "haolian" a bit

had our brunch and start to enjoy the beach

honestly...not everytime you get everyone who enjoy the beach this much
first time ever we play all the way til sunset 
or rather to skip our nap to operate the flight at night

time flies...its sunset

again...leaving with a heavy heart
i still remember everyone thought this was my holiday 
instead of an operating flight with all total strangers
and the man point has come
a month ago when we realise my LS quit his job in October 2013
which is a month after our flight
he diagnosed cancer
which he might already sick before this flight
but he show us how much he did enjoy life
instead of telling us the truth which we couldn't help at all
he enjoyed with us
im sure you wouldn't be surprise
that actually a lot of flying crew diagnosed cancer after years of flying
so in the end of the story
i would like to touch on...
we all did gave up something to earn something
  the same for anyone of you out there who work 9 to 5
you might not be able to travel as much as us
but you get your well deserve public holidays with your friends and family
you can be around with your love ones for any occasions
we might even need to beg on others to provide helps
well...if you are still lost out there
ask yourself...what you actually want in your life
before you ever step on any path 
do not regret whatever decision you made
everyone does lose and gain
never blame anyone but cherish whatever you have 
take care everyone
with loves~