Thursday, April 22, 2010

happily stuck in Milan....

i believe everyone knows about the volcano-airlines crisis
which happen to Milan airport on the 2nd day during my stay in Milan
i belongs to the last set of crews who stuck in Milan
which non of us know exactly when the airport will be re-open
so what we can do is just to stay until we being updated by the company
i'm glad that we had great accompany for this trip
where we did a little of sightsee to Lake Como
which is about an hour train away from Milan
and thanks God for the nice weather
here is the group of us
and actually a few of them are from another set of crew
lol,.....cabin crew get together in Milan
sounds good though =)


gummy bear

and delicious cappucino

yum yum!!
had dinner at this restaurant which provide us free candy
delicious food and good service
and happen to have good atmosphere on the night we had our dinner
which is on the night of football game showing live on tv
great accompany, good food, with atmosphere
what's better than that while you were stuck in somewhere away from home
compare to people who stuck in the airport
what else to complain??
which company provide us hotel with comfortable bed
although we are having pasta or pizza all days
but its really the best time given to us to relax
do a little of sightsee or even shopping
because we know it better than others
how often do we get such a long stay over in Milan
and most importantly with great accompany
really had fun with them and great experience ever.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

back to moscow......

03 MAR 2010

such a coincident.......Phoebe pax on my flight
so we catch up after flight for dinner
with her batch boy who is from my set of crew
just feel good get to meet someone who you know on a flight
which we can spend some time together specially after a long flight
hmm, just feel warm and you can actually forget about the tireness
at least we can chat as our common topics
instead of talking about work stuffs after work
just need to relax after a long flight
so that can save more of my energy and clear my mind
before starting another long journey..........
gonna maintian in business class for this 4 sectors flight
sigh,..............lucky or know the answer
lol.........anyway im just doing my part
its just my out and enjoy after.............
this 1st sector wasn't too bad
hope its gonna be fine for the next 3 as well...........
wish me luck people,..............gambateh!!!!!!!!!!!



it is 4.21am in San Fransisco now
not sure to say it is unlucky to work on board while everyone celebrating
or it is lucky we are back to 2009 when we touch down in states
due to the time zone in states we manage to catch the celebration here
we had dinner at the Thai restaurant
and they bought some drinks to chill out in the room
this is my first time joining crew to drink outstation
it is specially for a special occasion like today
it was fun,....but it was tiring because i haven get any rest yet
hmm,...but anywhere had fun is the most important thing
new year dinner-thai tom yum noodle soup

thanks people who drop me a message
i miss you guys so much
i really wish i could be with you all today
whole on each other or hug each other and shouting happy new year!!
eventhough i am so far apart from you all this moment
but i do think of you guys
thanks for the accompanied and everything we have done together
wish you guys have a good year ahead
happy and healthy always!!
and most important thing,...MUST keep in touch k??
miss you guys and love you guys!! muakz....



is my birthday...

14 DEC 2009

13 dec is my birthday and today is my working day

i don't mind to work on my birthday
and i don't mind to have 21st birthday without celebration
i rather to work honestly
not to say because they is no one to celebrate for me
but in fact i just don't bother to have any celebration anymore
ever since i had all bad memories about previous birthdays
i just wish to have a simple and safe day

but this day before departing for flight
captain bought me a birthday cake
so sweet of him
and whole set of crew get me a birthday card with all the wishes
how nice they are
they sang me a birthday song and taken some photos
this is how simple it is
and i can be so satisfy about it
without any expensive gifts
without a big birthday party
although i still need to work
but this is far away from what i have thought
at least someone realise is my birthday without reminder
they are strangers but they did it by heart,...thanks to all =)

we have light load in business class
so after service we just stay in the galley chit chatting
and taking photos,
will update you guys when i get it
you gonna see me in uniform
be prepare,..its gonna be the ugliest SIA stewardess you ever seen
and i am just as fat as 50 year old auntie with 5

the day before Halloween....

31 OCT 2009

a day which i need to wake up at 4am for CAN turn

suppose to wake up at 4am
but automatically woke up at 2.30am
watch an episode of new series adn started preparing at 3.45am
everything goes well until the sectore ex-CAN
it wasn't a rush flight suppose to be
but suddenly a lot of things happen during the drink service
follow by the meal service and get scolded by passengers
which is not my fault but this job is about saying SORRY
even that's not your fault
but it was out of sudden and where stress comes by
i couldn't balance up my mind in such a short timing
which i don't even have 1 minutes to do so
so when passengers were scolding
i couldn't even have a chance to explain things
plus i couldn't even say the sorry
the feeling has comes out
where my heart was stuck and i couldn't even open my mouth
i quickly turn around and walk back to the galley
and my tears drop in front of my complex leader
although those feelings were stucking in my throat
but i have to explain things to him and i did so
so he helps me to cover up everything
where i need to cool down in the toilet
i can actually handle problem like this
but maybe there are too many things happen in such a short period
i couldn't get myself back to norm
so tears drop when too much stress in mind
this is my second time crying on board
ever since my first solo flight where get bullied by a steward

so after get myself into a cool down mood
i have to continue with my job
and luckily we will be landing in about 20-30minutes
so everything is over by then
my leaders are so worried about me
they actually don't want me to bring home those unhappy memory
so they try to talk to me and make me happy
ya.....of coz i never wanna bring home unhappy memory
is a friday night
Erika was asking to meet for club
it wasn't my interest as you know me
but i decided to go
it is because i will appreciate time where allow me to meet a friend
specially when your friend and yourself are crew
you will appreciate every moment when you guys can meet up
end up i was enjoying the night so much
which i never experience ever
maybe i really need to throw out myself after what's happening earlier
we spent whole night together until this morning 7am
i never sleep for 30 hours since the day before
happening sia??
because it's really difficult to have few of us off on saturday
so we just spent all night and enjoy ourselves
thanks Erika for dating me
or else i might be sitting in front of my laptop
crying while writting out my feelings here
lol....anyway it was glad to have friends who are "onz" here
which can makes my day so much
because we will meet up everytime we got off together
i love you Erika!!
my very first friend who can makes my day in SG...

some aching feeling

5 AUG 2009

peoples are about to sleep

but i just woke up
reach home around 4pm
is too tired to stay awake
totally knock out once i lie down on my bed
nothing much to do other than watching series
and some feelings came tru
feeling aching in my heart
thinking deeply why must us deserve it??
are peoples really feeling happy when they scold people??
and i can feel it
she doesn't seems nice to me
from the way she looks at me the most junior...and?? what??
what is wrong with me??
she just simply doesn't like me maybe??
whatever...and finally she got a point to scold me i think...
i don't care anymore
im heading home anyway
no point to be sad or angry
im just too tire to see those people
sigh...i have no choice
this is life and this is part of my job...i guess?!?

1st day in nanjing

22 JULY 2009

the bad day is gone and a brand new day begin

a few of us meet to have lunch somewhere around the hotel
the weather in Nanjing is extremely hot
although im a person who prefer hot weather than cold
but this is just too over
which you can feel that the skin is burning
OMG!!you can just perspire with just a few step away from the hotel
but no choice we still have to eat
at first im still considering whether i should have follow them
i decided to follow is because i don't want my CL to say im scare of him
he really thought that im brainless
he tried to fool me a few times
he is damn irritating to me
keep making fun on me
where i don't think that is funny
i did not voice out doesn't mean that i couldn't hear what you have said
i keep quiet doesn't mean that i couldn't understand what you have said
if you really wanna laugh at me
just go behind me where i couldn't hear you
where do you wanna say those things just next to me??
am i really look that stupid??
i have self esteem as you do
don't you know that we have to act blur and stupid sometimes??
which doesn't mean that im really stupid okay??
everyone have their limit of patience
can't you just let me relax on ground outstation??
im so pissed off
im not so sure how much i can endure the way he treated me
i might shout out loud or cry in front of him the next minute
finally he decided to go somewhere and we are going back to the hotel
but too bad that we gonna meet the next day for sightseeing
sigh...there is another day to go....

Way to Nanjing

22 JULY 2009

im not so sure what is happening to me today

i have been doing a lot of mistakes on board
which i felt so disappointed and im so stupid ever
my CL of coz will need to tell me every mistake that i have made
im sorry for being stupid and silent
seems you already mentioned is my fault
what else i should have say??
once a mistake i made my confident is gone
and there mistakes getting more and more
where stress come by
i don't have anything in my mind to speak out anymore
i will accept everything that being told
and i will accept the consequences
but it couldn't stop me from worrying my clearing of probation
i can't wait to get away from this suffering life
i really wish that things would go smoothly
and i promise i could do much better than ever
god bless...

what to do with my roster??

10 JULY 2009

what the??..........................
they put me on standby the day before my annual leave and two days off before the standby
what the hell is this??
wasting my time lo
i can't plan anything ahead
not even booking my ticket to go home
what the..........
damn angry right now