Wednesday, April 21, 2010



it is 4.21am in San Fransisco now
not sure to say it is unlucky to work on board while everyone celebrating
or it is lucky we are back to 2009 when we touch down in states
due to the time zone in states we manage to catch the celebration here
we had dinner at the Thai restaurant
and they bought some drinks to chill out in the room
this is my first time joining crew to drink outstation
it is specially for a special occasion like today
it was fun,....but it was tiring because i haven get any rest yet
hmm,...but anywhere had fun is the most important thing
new year dinner-thai tom yum noodle soup

thanks people who drop me a message
i miss you guys so much
i really wish i could be with you all today
whole on each other or hug each other and shouting happy new year!!
eventhough i am so far apart from you all this moment
but i do think of you guys
thanks for the accompanied and everything we have done together
wish you guys have a good year ahead
happy and healthy always!!
and most important thing,...MUST keep in touch k??
miss you guys and love you guys!! muakz....



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