Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way to Nanjing

22 JULY 2009

im not so sure what is happening to me today

i have been doing a lot of mistakes on board
which i felt so disappointed and im so stupid ever
my CL of coz will need to tell me every mistake that i have made
im sorry for being stupid and silent
seems you already mentioned is my fault
what else i should have say??
once a mistake i made my confident is gone
and there mistakes getting more and more
where stress come by
i don't have anything in my mind to speak out anymore
i will accept everything that being told
and i will accept the consequences
but it couldn't stop me from worrying my clearing of probation
i can't wait to get away from this suffering life
i really wish that things would go smoothly
and i promise i could do much better than ever
god bless...

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