Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st day in nanjing

22 JULY 2009

the bad day is gone and a brand new day begin

a few of us meet to have lunch somewhere around the hotel
the weather in Nanjing is extremely hot
although im a person who prefer hot weather than cold
but this is just too over
which you can feel that the skin is burning
OMG!!you can just perspire with just a few step away from the hotel
but no choice we still have to eat
at first im still considering whether i should have follow them
i decided to follow is because i don't want my CL to say im scare of him
he really thought that im brainless
he tried to fool me a few times
he is damn irritating to me
keep making fun on me
where i don't think that is funny
i did not voice out doesn't mean that i couldn't hear what you have said
i keep quiet doesn't mean that i couldn't understand what you have said
if you really wanna laugh at me
just go behind me where i couldn't hear you
where do you wanna say those things just next to me??
am i really look that stupid??
i have self esteem as you do
don't you know that we have to act blur and stupid sometimes??
which doesn't mean that im really stupid okay??
everyone have their limit of patience
can't you just let me relax on ground outstation??
im so pissed off
im not so sure how much i can endure the way he treated me
i might shout out loud or cry in front of him the next minute
finally he decided to go somewhere and we are going back to the hotel
but too bad that we gonna meet the next day for sightseeing
sigh...there is another day to go....

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