Wednesday, April 21, 2010

is my birthday...

14 DEC 2009

13 dec is my birthday and today is my working day

i don't mind to work on my birthday
and i don't mind to have 21st birthday without celebration
i rather to work honestly
not to say because they is no one to celebrate for me
but in fact i just don't bother to have any celebration anymore
ever since i had all bad memories about previous birthdays
i just wish to have a simple and safe day

but this day before departing for flight
captain bought me a birthday cake
so sweet of him
and whole set of crew get me a birthday card with all the wishes
how nice they are
they sang me a birthday song and taken some photos
this is how simple it is
and i can be so satisfy about it
without any expensive gifts
without a big birthday party
although i still need to work
but this is far away from what i have thought
at least someone realise is my birthday without reminder
they are strangers but they did it by heart,...thanks to all =)

we have light load in business class
so after service we just stay in the galley chit chatting
and taking photos,
will update you guys when i get it
you gonna see me in uniform
be prepare,..its gonna be the ugliest SIA stewardess you ever seen
and i am just as fat as 50 year old auntie with 5

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