Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the day before Halloween....

31 OCT 2009

a day which i need to wake up at 4am for CAN turn

suppose to wake up at 4am
but automatically woke up at 2.30am
watch an episode of new series adn started preparing at 3.45am
everything goes well until the sectore ex-CAN
it wasn't a rush flight suppose to be
but suddenly a lot of things happen during the drink service
follow by the meal service and get scolded by passengers
which is not my fault but this job is about saying SORRY
even that's not your fault
but it was out of sudden and where stress comes by
i couldn't balance up my mind in such a short timing
which i don't even have 1 minutes to do so
so when passengers were scolding
i couldn't even have a chance to explain things
plus i couldn't even say the sorry
the feeling has comes out
where my heart was stuck and i couldn't even open my mouth
i quickly turn around and walk back to the galley
and my tears drop in front of my complex leader
although those feelings were stucking in my throat
but i have to explain things to him and i did so
so he helps me to cover up everything
where i need to cool down in the toilet
i can actually handle problem like this
but maybe there are too many things happen in such a short period
i couldn't get myself back to norm
so tears drop when too much stress in mind
this is my second time crying on board
ever since my first solo flight where get bullied by a steward

so after get myself into a cool down mood
i have to continue with my job
and luckily we will be landing in about 20-30minutes
so everything is over by then
my leaders are so worried about me
they actually don't want me to bring home those unhappy memory
so they try to talk to me and make me happy
ya.....of coz i never wanna bring home unhappy memory
is a friday night
Erika was asking to meet for club
it wasn't my interest as you know me
but i decided to go
it is because i will appreciate time where allow me to meet a friend
specially when your friend and yourself are crew
you will appreciate every moment when you guys can meet up
end up i was enjoying the night so much
which i never experience ever
maybe i really need to throw out myself after what's happening earlier
we spent whole night together until this morning 7am
i never sleep for 30 hours since the day before
happening sia??
because it's really difficult to have few of us off on saturday
so we just spent all night and enjoy ourselves
thanks Erika for dating me
or else i might be sitting in front of my laptop
crying while writting out my feelings here
lol....anyway it was glad to have friends who are "onz" here
which can makes my day so much
because we will meet up everytime we got off together
i love you Erika!!
my very first friend who can makes my day in SG...

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