Wednesday, April 21, 2010

some aching feeling

5 AUG 2009

peoples are about to sleep

but i just woke up
reach home around 4pm
is too tired to stay awake
totally knock out once i lie down on my bed
nothing much to do other than watching series
and some feelings came tru
feeling aching in my heart
thinking deeply why must us deserve it??
are peoples really feeling happy when they scold people??
and i can feel it
she doesn't seems nice to me
from the way she looks at me the most junior...and?? what??
what is wrong with me??
she just simply doesn't like me maybe??
whatever...and finally she got a point to scold me i think...
i don't care anymore
im heading home anyway
no point to be sad or angry
im just too tire to see those people
sigh...i have no choice
this is life and this is part of my job...i guess?!?

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