Sunday, December 26, 2010

love december

special month of the year
always get a better treatment from company
got all long flights in 2009
what i have got this year
is b'day off without request for it
back in town on x'mas eve morning
off on x'mas day and boxing day
follow by change of flight been approved
which i get to celebrate New Year with friends in London
earn numbers of day off most importantly
for me to spend my holiday in town
with friends who visit SG on this festive month
meeting my sister before step into 2011
although i have lost some allowances
due to the shortage of Airbus 380
but why not when we have more times to rest
after i have been working so hard all these while
we need a break like others sometime
miss people who visit me in SG
miss my friends who are flying on this festive days
where we can't celebrate together
but i have received the hearts that you all sent me
it's gonna be the same for coming New Year
catch up soon for those who i met this year
and looking forward to make more friends in 2011
this should be the last post in 2010
have a great one everyone
hope that you all did enjoy your holidays
wish you all belated Merry Christmas
happy boxing day (30mins left!!)
Happy New Year which is coming soon
see you guys in 2011 ~~ ^.^

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