Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zurich ~ Jan 2011

i have not been to Zurich ever since it change to A380 flight
until i got train for A380 not long ago
and finally i got roster for this flight after so long
they always call Zurich a hibernate
with the free internet provided especially
it could be a nice place to explore if you are interested
these are some of the tour that recommended and the price as reference

this trip was the first trip where i got friends together
but it was too bad that they were saying is too cold for sightsee
so it became the hibernate station as it was been told
i do not want to waste the stay
since i have got friend on this flight
so we both walk around the lake which is near to the town area
do some photo shooting and enjoy the weather
just to share a little

the weather wasn't too bad after all
because it was sunny
it was around 9 degree
just that it may be cold when you get high up to the mountain

my "kaki" on this flight
which is also a friend who been through the training together
Baizura - first flight with her after 2 years

she is photogenic 
so it was great to have her on this flight with me
so that i could have a little practise

spot a few girls waiting on the way
approach them to help us up for a shoot
insist to see the flats behind us
time to shop after photo shooting ^.^

can you imagine that we can even shop in Zurich
which is so called a hibernate station??
i can't believe it as well
but since i get to grab some cheap stuff,..why not??
anyway it was a better Zurich after all
at least i got "kaki" on this flight
not just that feel happier to work with
but also to spend time during the lay over
hope we could sightsee to Mount Titlis 
when the weather is right 
looking forward to the next trip always

fun that we had <3

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