Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hong Kong for CNY

CNY eve in HK
never miss shopping in HK
my all time shopping paradise
this time went to Fa Yuen Street
which is located in MongKok
the nearest is to alight at "TaiZi" Prince Edward station
if u not sure the direction to walk there
you can always check out the map after u alight at the MTR station
there are a open flee market along the street
but to do shopping must go for the shop lot

my colleague who join me for shopping

the must have mango dessert in HK
we always go for this "Xu Liu Shan"
and we can actually have it everyday
its really good...but cold to have it in this weather
haha...but i never bother just wanna eat
continue shopping around hotel area
follow by drinking with the crew

is the arrival of CNY 1st day
met the girls for lunch at Sweet Dynasty

ordered 1 DimSum dish - Siu Mai
follow by three dishes (forgot to take photo)
because we waited too long
and we were super hungry
anyway the food is good but too little
all been serve in a small portion
i have so much rice left to eat with chilli oil
but the main dish we want came last (waited another 30mins)

"TaoHuey" - the beancurd
luckily it is big enough to fill up the stomach

this is another must have in HK
of coz the DimSum as well
just that we decide not to have because we have Muslim crew
no love lost to me
because i can always have it when im back in Ipoh
my taste would prefer what i ate since young
so still love Ipoh DimSum best
we were surprise that most shops are actually open
unlike what we saw in Malaysia
like a dead town nothing would be open
so you can still shop and walk around
although i'm not at home with the love ones
but at least i'm in HK where also celebrate CNY
so that i could feel it from the shops which play cny songs
the lion dance in the morning of CNY
anyway would be back home soon in the morning next day
that's all for the trip
wish all a happy Bunny year
Gong Xi Fatt Chai ^.^

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