Friday, February 18, 2011

BNE with batchgirl

Brisbane 23jan2011

it was a month ago doing a flight with batchgirl
although it wasn't a long stay
which i think it's good enough to spend time with
at least we have about 2 days to play with
she is the youngest (baby girl) from the batch
so is always fun to see her
use to meet her outstation
but the first time we rostered on the same flight (finally!)
as usual we bunk in so to talk rubbish overnight
share the food and share the fun

we are the closest age gap among all
because we are the babies (1 yr apart)
so we can have as much fun as we want to
we can just laugh out loud without any reason
this is how crazy we can be
it was a great flight after all
as "siao siao" crew on board
we had fun while we work
we learn from one another experiences
we take care one another while away from home
it will be one of my best memory in my flying career
i miss u ~ babe

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