Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Charles De Gaulle

yo~im here at Eiffel Tower FINALLY!!

din manage to visit on my first flight to Paris
because it was snowing and wet
although it is still cold but at least is sunny
so we manage to do a little sightsee
but i decide not to go up on top of Eiffel
i guess would be better to do it after winter
so went for cruise with 2 other girls

the cruise cost us 14 euro
if you have a student pass 
you can get privilege price 9 euro
the cruise bring you to 8 stops
is a hop on hop off cruise
so you can alight at any stop which you wish to visit
which are Eiffel Tower, Musee D'orsay,
St.Germain-Des-Pres, Notre Dame,
Jardin Des Plantes, Hotel De ville,
Lourve and Champs-Elysees

 Xiao Le
my two companies for the cruise tour

we decide to alight at Notre Dame

a very beautiful church
don't you think so??
i love it
and the feel when you are in there
felt the peace :)

remind me of my school when i see this
i was studying at Ave Maria Convent girl school
miss my school life miss my friends

the whole concept of the church
 glad that we choose to alight at this stop
i felt so peaceful in mind just by walking one round
time to target the next stop

the Louvre

so happy doing this
we love jump shot!!

the bigger one

follow by two smaller Louvre

there is a museum underneath the pyramid
but it was close on Tuesday
so we have miss the chance of visiting
well,'s always the next trip :)
time flies...half a day is gone
time to catch up with another 2 girls for lunch

i had lasagne for late lunch
my all time favourite
tiramisu for dessert
the best taste save at the bottom
basically is just cream on top
and the coffee taste at the end...yum!!

another church we visit
but sorry that i forgot the name of it
basically similar concept as Notre Dame
but i prefer Notre Dame most

so crowded
there are people who doing performance as well
not say performance
they perform to earn
people who sell their talents
but the audience did enjoy
so do we!! :p

the last stop we visited
Moulin Rouge
is like the red light distreet in Amsterdam
there are shows like Burlesque too
but kinda expensive
which cost 150 and above inclusive dinner
for the show itself is 90 euro for an hour

well~the night is still young
but im too tire to do anything else
which the flight depart on the next morning
i was the first to go back 
Merissa and Joanne went back for Eiffel night view
Xiao Le and Desiree went for macaroon
i would do more explore next trip probably
not all in a day
which is too tiring for me
because we have to work back still
is better to have enough rest before the flight
so that is it for today
i had fun and enjoy the trip pretty much
thanks for the company of the girls!!

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