Sunday, March 27, 2011

Firenze via Milano

never thought of going anywhere in the first place
so that i did not bring my camera along
but there are 6 of them saying to visit Firenze
they trying hard to convince me for joining them
i have consider since there are companions
as not every trip that we can get companion
so we went straight to check out the info after check in
and meet like an hour later 
so that we can catch the earliest train
who knows we can only catch the 2nd train
which we have to wait for another hour
we decide to take the express which is only 1 hour 45 mins
it cost us 106 euro per person
there is another cheaper ticket which have to travel 3 hours above
which is around 30 over euro
since we have not rest after flight
so we think we should have take the express which is faster
we bought our lunch to eat on board
some pizza and sandwiches
the pizza is yummy but the sandwich is kinda tasteless

so here we are after the train ride
the street in Firenze

 you have no idea
where the ally is beautiful too

there we see Duomo

Duomo in Firenze
isn't it so beautiful??
is different with Duomo in Milan
yet it is beautiful

the side view

while waiting for the 3 of them looking for hotel
4 of us continue exploring in Firenze
it is a small town which you can walk around easily
can be quite tiring
but it is fun when you see 1 spot after another
nice to explore around although without a map

a lot more that we have seen along the way
but too bad that my camera is not with me
so i can only capture a bit here and there with iPhone
and most photo been taken with my companion's camera

saw a carousel on the way
Jasmin was so happy jumping like a kid
saying that wanna have a ride
so we check out the prize
which is only 1.50 euro
so why not??

here we got the token

cutie Michelle

a fantasy shot i like

the companion of the day
Jasmin, Michelle and Damien

sunset soon
so walking back to the main street
searching for a restaurant to settle our dinner
always have the Italian food when you are in Italy
pasta will never go wrong

last photo to be taken of the day
walk back to the train station 
another journey back to Milano
it was a tiring day so time to take a nap
while the guy stay awake playing game
but also to look after out belongings...hehe
it was fun and we did enjoy
and it is always the companion which count

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