Monday, December 13, 2010

Bonjour ~ part II

what if when you get to hear about a place so many times
but you never get to see it
is like Paris which i never get to smell the air for once
finally i got the chance to be there
but is really bad that it is now winter
which the weather could be so cold and so wet
so i don't manage to go for any sightseeing
but good enough that i have great accompany
which we walk around and visit the x'mas fair
it was a snowy day by the time we meeting for lunch
they brought me to the Vietnamese joint where crew go often

no doubt, was snowing outside

had spring roll as starter

this is tomato fried rice

this is my salted fish chic fried rice
no regrets
the food is yummy and reasonable price
this is where crew always hang around

saw this when we went for groceries shopping

some desserts

and the bakeries

is time to go somewhere further

finally here we are
the famous macarons in town
tea time for the gals

can't wait to taste it....slurp!!

some gift packs with other desserts 
everything looks good
and look at the queue
superrrrrr loooong!!

snap while waiting

i like the design of the restaurant

my purchase of macarons
it cost me 17 euro for 8 in a nice packaging

things that we ordered

time for exercise after the xin fu
walking down the street
heading to the x'mas fair

 with the girls

there our funs begin

so many of them
what should i get??

i had the marshmallow

it was so cold until we can't stand it
our hands are numb
our ears are painful
so that we get a new muffler
it was so soon to get to the end of the trip
while we just started to enjoy it
how nice it was when we have "kaki" for the flight
a busy day flight flying back to SG
it was a great 1st trip to Paris
although not much sightsee we have done
yet we like it ~~

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