Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it was a light load back to SG from London
yet still so many things happened
a PPS passenger complain saying that we rushing her to eat
in fact we just doing our part checking the cabin
to make sure if they are ready for their main course
i saw her food untouch, cutlery place nicely while doing something else
so i just check with her if she is ready for her main course
since im the one asking her
so im the one got scolded
she said we keep walking up and down made her feel indigestion
and saying that we actually wanted to get rid of the service to go for rest
i apologise sincerely
saying sorry to make her feel that way
and i saying she can take her time to enjoy
just call her whenever she is ready
yet she refuse to have her main course
so my chief went forward to talk to her
trying to explain to her that we are use to work as a full load basis
sorry to make her think this way
she was okay after that
but something happen again during the lull period
because the crew on duty MIA
she did not patrol the cabin while the gs is busy preparing for next service
another complain raise up
and said that we are the laziest crew she ever seen
said that we did not serve her the main course
sigh,....and she refuse to talk to us after that
i feel so sad about this happen on my flight
feel so bad that the passenger think this way
we can't do anything at all
because she was wearing the headphone watching movies
totally refuse to listen to us
here comes the complain to those who do not take responsible on it
just hope that she feel better after all
and pray hard that no complain raise up to the office
not because we are afraid to take over the responsible
just thinking that we do our best
we did our best to do what we could
there is nothing we can do if she think this way
just feel sad that we work fast yet still got scolded as we are lazy
totally exhauted,........silent.......

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