Friday, September 10, 2010

first Taipei trip

even before i start flying
i was thinking to travel to Taiwan for holiday
and i have been waited for 2 years
finally it comes to my roster
although it was a short stay in Taipei
but i do enjoy it very very much
went out straight after check in to the hotel
went to "SiMenTing"

exit no.6 at SiMen station
it will be the street where you can shop all you want

yet there are lots of restaurant
or even some food stall along the way
never worried to be hungry while you shop

Ai Yu Bing (lime jelly drink)

first thing i ate in Taipei
choose all you want
which only cost you 50 taibi

this is what i had
a lot of rice ball, jelly underneath the ice

shop around after we had some light meal
bought a pair of heels which only cost me S$20
and it is comfortable
went back to hotel at 6pm to another crew
they gonna bring me to ShiLin night market

here we are
look at the crowd
can't imagine what will happen on the weekend

let's go and look for FOOD!!

fried mushroom

taiwan sausage

taiwan smelly toufu
can't imagine i dare to eat the first time
surprisingly it doesn't taste like the smell
it is good actually
specially when it goes with the chilli sauce

the most famous "MeeSua"
very very good but it was too hot to eat
specially in this kind of weather

should go for cold stuff after feeling so hot

snow flakes with mango flavour

"MoCha" snow flakes with red bean
always my favourite choice
yum yum
too bad i don't have any more space in my stomach
but i believe there are always the next trip
although im not sure when is it
but i will wait
since i have been waiting for years
it's just a night stop
such a short stay which i can cover so many things
which i think is good enough
wonder how many KGs i have gain after this trip
haha, does count
bought numbers of cheap stuffs
hope to see you soon- Taipei

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