Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christchurch with Jeraldine

another flight with Jeraldine
suppose rostered a Christchurch
ma as well change over to do a flight with a friend instead
at least we can work hard and play hard together
or else im gonna do nothing oversea
during my stay alone

getting ready for dinner

had some photo taking section before dinner

how great that the earthquake did not destroy this
time to have dinner
since it was a sunday and everything is close
all we can see are fast food
so we had Burger King

the night in 5 degrees
freezing outside so time to chill out
had some drinks with the happening buddies
which gave me a better sleep for the night
before a visiting the next day morning

a visit to Jeraldine's auntie
a nice and sweet lady - Auntie Cora
the couple drove us around
to show us the earthquake restoration works
and to the pier

look at the great blue sky
how relax it could be with the wind blow
but in fact it was cold
yet i do enjoy it so much
always my love
the sun and the wind blow by the sea

peoples who donate for the bridge

peoples who hang around the pier
big group of friends enjoy fishing
wondering how they stand the cold

standing on the bridge
by the sea looking up to the hill
so envy to those who had a home with such a nice view

in front of Auntie Cora's home sweet home
let's visit her backyard

and a small little room for their alcohol

the flavour of all different kind of liquars

one of the tool they needed to produce wine
how fantastic are the couple
they know how to make wine
beer, tomato sauce.....
the best thing to do is when you get the correct life partner
there is how you enjoy ur life

is dinner time
look at the HUGE fish and chips
both nights with such xinfu food
anyway we must enjoy what we do
so let's enjoy
i can't explain how great is the trip
by visiting Jera's auntie
hanging out around her place
and driving around the town
looking at their neighbourhood
how people live in New Zealand
peaceful and quiet
now i understand why older generations love this place
where i believe they lead the best retired life
travel there once
experience how's the life in New Zealand
looking at their culture
something that we have learned

thanks for the trip ^.^

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