Monday, August 02, 2010

1st solo to Nagoya

1st solo flight for Airbus 330 to Nagoya
its been a year since i last been to Japan
which is to Osaka during my probation period
kind of nervous because i just came back from my leave
which i have not fly for 2 weeks
together with 3 days training on ground
thanks God that all nice crew guide me along on this flight
and i still remember my work,....haha
it was a 6 hours 25 minutes flight to Nagoya
and it was a night flight so it's kind of easy flight
yet we decided to nap before meeting up for lunch

not sure if you always heard that the roon in Japan is small
but i would say this is standard for me
compare to the roon i stayed in Osaka

let's look out from the window

can you see the 24H thingy on the right??
this building is actually where they park their car
isn't it interesting??
save the space
maybe SG can get something like this...hehe

that's what i can see from my room
let's take a nap so that to explore more later
had lunch at this machine thingy restaurant
kind of like fast food stall feel
put in the money
choose what you wanna eat
get the ticket and pass it to the staff
just a few minutes waiting for the food
cheap and nice
sorry that no photo to be shown
and it's our shopping time after lunch
went to 100 yen shop
bought lots of rubbish
and went to this boutique for discounted items
cheapskate me,

get these two dress for myself
which cost me 2100 yen each
is actually sales item on sales again
really hardly see prices for fashion like this in Japan
anyway i like it =)

have been hearing a lot of girls try on collagen drinks
i have seen this Meiji brand in magazine
so decided to try on
hope it helps me to get better skin..hehe
the can and refill packet
794 yen each

and tapao Mos rice burger for dinner
yummy ~

look out from the window again
before i close my eyes to sleep
and to leave this place the next morning
thanks crew who bring me for the day
hope to see this place again soon ;-)

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