Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A330 covered

came back from leave and back to reality
thanks God that im not back to work straight after
rostered for Airbus 330 conversion training
i'm on ground still
so i have got a few days to pick up my mood to work...hehe
it wasn't too bad
at least gonna cover a few more stations
like Perth where my cousin, relative and friend were there
Taipei which i have been waiting since i start flying
and Japan flights although you might just got it once in a millions
although knowing that it's gonna be very tiring
if keep on doing 330 flights
because there is only a day off in between
but think it wisely
i have got nothing much to do as well
ma as well work more to earn money
isn't it i have got a new plan to work harder
instead of going home every month??
okay, gonna see me more often to be in SG in future
great to made friends with 2 girls who stay nearby my place in SG
gonna have more accompany to have meals or watch movies nearby
i believe we have something similar in us
and we have common topics which brought us together
anyway will keep in touch with you girls
and gonna meet up in a few days time??
hehe,...have fun and good luck on your 1st solo....=)

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