Friday, July 16, 2010

the Peak - HK

continue my journey to the Peak
depart from Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty station
meet up with 2 other Indonesian girls
and 1 local guy who gonna be our tour guide tonight

bought a two way ticket for the tram ride to the top
which is about 56 HK dollar
the ride will be about 10 minutes
everybody just run like a red bull fighting for a seat
it was

we are just about the correct time to reach there
at least we get to see the difference between day and night view

the colours after sun set

look at the crowd
there is no way we can squeeze in
all i can do is just stand somewhere at the back
raise my hand up high to take picture
poor me specially im so short...=(

from left: Devi, me, Dita & Alex

honestly i can't tell if there is any different between the picture
just think is nice to share...hehe
hope you guys like it too =)

this is our tour guide - Phillip
they call him a force Hongky
because he has been leaving HK to melbourne
which he studied and work overthere for quite some time
do not blame him because i'm about the same as his situation

they are energetic after having their

suppose taking tram to go back
look at the queue and this is only half of it i guess
so we decided to burn our ticket and take a bus
so that we can reach the jetty straight
because we wanted to experience the ferry ride

that's the end of my tour
and the end for the stay
i believe this is all we basically do in HK

Dim Sum, congee, beancurt, dessert & shopping
gonna miss all of these
specially for a flight with lots of nice colleagues
which i don't know when is my next trip here again
not sure who i'm gonna travel with
but i just love Hong Kong
where im familiar with their language
love their food and mainly on shopping
hope to be back very soon =)

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