Sunday, June 06, 2010

sick on board...

was call up for a Sydney flight reporting on friday
i was sneezing since i came back from Bali night stop
i thought it was just sinus like what i always encounter
woke up early morning due to the construction going on upstairs
decided i need a nap before going for a night flight
when i woke up for preparation
i felt a little headache so i thought im just tired
never thought of it get worst after i go on board
start feeling cold but my body is so warm
my crew said that i got fever
seriously this is my first time having fever
i feel so dizzy
everybody asking me to take a rest at the corner
and my chief and crew in charge actually allowed me to have a rest
i rest for about an hour before the 2nd meal started
at least i felt a bit better after i took panadols and get some rest
the flight is over finally
upon check in which is around 10am
first thing to do after shower is to sleep
i slept from 11.30am until 7pm
i think i need to eat something before i need to take my medicine
so went grap something to eat
had my medicine and continue sleeping at 9pm
it was so nice to sleep all the way until call time
honestly i forgot to change my time into Aus time
so by the time i woke up is 30mins before check out time
i was so rush to bun my hair and do my make up
God bless it wasn't a very bad hair day
so i manage to do everything on time
although im still having a little os flu and soar throat
but at least i wasn't a zombie like the night before anymore
so everything go smooth on board
and i was sitting in the cockpit for take off and landing
wow,......i had so much fun in there looking out in the sky
which only given a chance once maybe in your life time
and i had my 2nd time....hehe......
showing off already,......but there is a reason
because i need to help up in business class
where my crew in charge saying i will sit in there instead of walking to the back
thanks God for granted me safe flight and nice crew on my "zomb's flight"
still such a waste that i have be sleeping the whole day during my stay
because everywhere is having sales
and ya,...some of them get to shop for some cheap stuff
anyway i got Melbourne coming
so im gonna shop there for sure!! ;-)

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