Thursday, June 17, 2010


how often do you get compliments even when you have done a great job??
honestly i hardly hear it
and im not too sure how to say it is a great job??
i would say it depends on different people's point of view
because i believe everyone has their own style of working
everybody looking for different expects or preference
im not too sure i had done a good job yesterday
it was naturally talking with my passengers
serving him what i think is good
but he was so happy of what i have done
he ask for a comment form from my complex leader
and i believe we all have do our parts
because im not the only one working and serving him
so it's a fare share of happiness to everyone from that zone
because he wasn't emphasis on me but Singapore Airlines
he said he has been travel with us for 5 years
we are just like his friends
seeing us so often when he travel for his business trip
so he actually saying that we all have done a good job
but of coz he did mention to my complex leader
that he was so happy with my service
it makes my day honestly
the compliments really helps to motivate me to do better
i believe everyone needa a compliment once in a while
that would be a very good encouragement
even when we have done something wrong
because i would think that a doubt could bring a person down
it will make things go worst
we can actually choose to cheer up a person
by telling them you are doing well
so that to motivate them to go further
and do a better job
everyone will be happy when comes to the end of the day
cheer up and take it easy
that will make your job be done better ^.^

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