Tuesday, April 10, 2012

what do you know??

sometimes i really lazy to explain what i do for my job
people don't understand our grooming
why with red lipstick?? 
is that a must to have red??
what kind of red you must use??
what?? you need to paint nails for work??
why must paint red nails??
where you always fly to??
where is your favorite stations??
so nice is your job flying here and there....
bla bla bla.....bla bla bla......
how many people can actually seems to understand what we do??
how many people can actually feel how tire our job is??
how many people understand what we have give in for our job??
what about our time with love one??
how about people who falling sick coz of our work??
what about irregular sleeping pattern??
what about irregular eating pattern??
too much to explain....too much to say....
but we choose to be here
we choose to pick up risk that people don't understand
we choose to pick up the responsibility that people never see
but what i felt after some times of flying
also by seeing the lost of friends and myself
how much time we have gave in for work
where we have to leave our love one
not much time to spend with family
until the day they leave us forever
then we regret saying we have not done well 
but life is always unfair
nothing seems to be perfect 
we always have to give in something
while we choose to gain something
why is life so difficult??
why is life so unpredictable??
earning is really something that we have to lose most
when would be the best time to say we had enough??
how not to give myself a chance to say regret??
im getting lost and tire lately!!

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