Sunday, March 25, 2012

GQ interview

as i promise myself to learn something in my flying career
finally went for the GQ (German speaking) interview
as i thought of taking one year ago
which took me a year to make the decision 
although it was only a 30 minutes questioning section
questions which i already think of
but i don't think i did it well
but i hope they can actually feel my passion on it
which i really wish to get it
as learning something new while flying
since company offer the opportunity open to us
it doesn't matter how the result gonna be anymore
as long i achieve my promise that i made a year back
as long i have give it a try
even it is not a good one
i will give it one more try next year
let's wait and see
hoping for the best of all
same goes to my colleague who went for the interview
even i do not know who they are
but they might be one of my classmate one day
hope to meet you guys soon

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