Sunday, June 05, 2011

Male, Maldives

Maldives, is like an illusion destination in my mind since school
have been seeing a lot of pictures online
knowing how beautiful this place is
i can't believe that i get to see this place travel with SQ
beach and sun is always my favorite
is like"finally" i get to see this beautiful island with my own eyes
i get to smell the air
feel the sand and swim in this clear blue sea
not many photos have been taken
but i believe this is enough to attract your attention

i did not expect my room to be this huge

the view from my room

the "wow" bathroom
this is just the bath tub side
is huge but where i don't feel secure to

this was my first drink the night we arrive
spent all night long with all my crew
had lots of fun talking 
the happiest chilling section i ever had

morning to Maldives
time to see the sun 
are you ready?!?

pick your seat and start the tanning section

the junior crew went swimming

while we were sun tanning

no way you can sun tan down there
we just move a seat there for photoshooting
isn't it a great view?!? haha

my fatty little tummy

 and my yumilicious fatty tigh
need a pan to bbq??
if we have another night...hehe
time to pick up more work out sections from now on
so that you would have seen a sexy lady on the beach
stay tune then!!

sun tanning, lunch and back to sun tanning
what's next??
immerse myself in a warm bath
how great life can be
but there is no joke to spend your holidays here in Male
a place you can only relax with your eye sight
but not for mentally relaxing
because you gotto get ready to receive your bil
which you gonna see a huge amount on it
anyway i felt glad that i have been here
thanks again to my flying career
which allowed me to see this beautiful island
but of coz the crews are important too
great set of crew for the great destination~

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