Saturday, October 23, 2010

1st louhan to London

first solo on A380 flight to London
i felt so nervous
because i know i'm gonna be blur on board
and it comes out worst
i was totally lost
specially when i work in business class ex-London
it wasn't any impact to me 
just brain is like not processing at all
i suppose know so well about the work flow
i suppose be so confidence doing everything 
but it was like worst ever than my very 1st solo
or even my first time working in business class
this trip is like i start over my flying career
go on board with a blank brain
OMG!! really feel very very bad 
and felt so sorry to the crew
who being so nice and patient to my lost
i can't imagine what if without their guidance
really appreciate that

let's say something out of my work
share you guys somethings which is happier
i had great time in London
with the accompany of Rebecca & Jasmin
Hui Kuan who travel from Manchester 
and meeting up Michelle and Samantha 
we were plan earlier to visit the outlet
since we have got a longer stay in London
we went to Bicester Village on the 2nd day
which is to take underground to Marylebone station
buy a train ticket to Bicester North
the ticket comes together with the shuttle bus to the destination
which is only 16pounds both way per person

breakfast before we shop

tuna melt
chicken melt
time to catch out train after we build some energy

 walking down along the terminal
Hui Kuan 
who purposely travel from Manchester
to visit me in London
so glad to see her again after so long
my lovely stewardess friend
we were the lucky one 
which we get to do flight again
hope there are more to come
another colleague that i just met on this flight
Jasmin Kee
she joined us for the trip

finally we arrive at Bicester North
and now on the shuttle heading to the outlet
The Bicester Village
let's spot for something cheap
let's be the cheapo which we loved
have a tea break
before we continue our next war
let's see what we bought
what i got is a bag for mama
a wallet for myself, polo shirt,...
 yeay!! not much stuffs i bought actually
but i'm happy when i get people a present
specially for my lovely mama...=)
trust me,..the stuff is real cheap
but of cause it would be some stuffs out season
but i'm pretty sure you might not get it
in Singapore and specially Malaysia
heading back to London after we finish everything
is another peak hour
so pack in the train.....suffer!!..haha
although the night still young
but still we have plan for next day
so get back to hotel for our rest
last day in London
woke up 6am in the morning
because we wanted to go town
for early breakfast in KFC
so that we can head for the shop while everything in place
as we planned
we did our 2nd round shopping at Marble Arch
not much stuffs this round
because i didn't see anything suits me
it's it for the next trip
yet,..we still finish everythin around 11am
which we are hungry again
heading to Bayswater for duck rice
which is the crew's favourite
char siew rice
duck rice
 only manage to meet them for lunch
but i believe is better than nothing
because i have confident that i will come more often
really happy for this trip
as i said earlier
where i get to gather and meet friends wherever i go
time to head back to hotel
which i need to pack my bag
paint my nails
and take a nap before i fly
because is another long journey
it was so tire
time to rest when i get back home
there are more 380 flights to come

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  1. Jia you my dear!! Nice to meet u up. more to come... :)